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Empanadas De Pollo Homemade chicken and mushroom pasties served with rocket salad and tomato and chutney dip £5.50

Costillita A La BBQ Braised BBQ half rack of pork ribs served with salad and BBQ sauce £6.50

Sopa del Dia (V) Homemade soup of the day served with a crusty roll and butter £4.50

Empanadas de Carne Homemade beef and onion pastie with spicy mayonaise dip £5.50

Chorizo Parrillero Grilled spicy Spanish sausage served with chimichurri dip £5.50

Morcilla Parrillera Grilled bloodsausage (blackpudding) with chimichurri dip £5.50

Salchicha de Bife Grilled juicy beef and black pepper sausages with chimichurri dip £5.50

Picadita A platter of serrano ham,chorizo, sundried tomatoes, marinated olives, Stilton cheese and onion chutney £5.95

Champinones Gratinados (V) Sauteed garlic mushrooms,parsley,sweet onion and Parmesan topping £5.25

Langostita Empanada Hand breaded lobster bites and garlic mayonaise dip £5.75

Pate al Chorizo Rich pork and Spanish chorizo pate, served with wild rocket leaves, homemade onion chutney and melba toast £5.50

Bruschetta de Gambas Grilled focaccia bread topped with garlic and corriander king prawns and crushed avocado. Served with wild rocket salad and tomato chutney £6.95

Gambas de Buenos Aires King Prawns pan fried in garlic, coriander and olive oil £5.95


Milanesa Mixta Our hand breaded Chicken Breast escalope topped with Serrano Ham and mozzarella £12.95

Estofado Casero Traditional Homemade Beef, Chorizo and Potato Stew served with warm bread rolls and butter £9.95

Salmon al Pesto Grilled Salmon Fillet served with prawns and red pesto £14.50

Lubina Argentina Fillets of Seabass grilled and served with a lemon and parsley sauce £13.95

Atun Arrabiata Grilled Tuna Steak topped with spicy tomato and red pepper sauce £12.00

Hamburguesa Portobello (V) Home made portobello mushroom, sweet potato and spinach burger. Served on a brioche bun with rocket leaves, tomato and red onion.£9.95 (Optional topping of Italian mozzarella cheese for an extra £0.75)

Ravioli Mezzaluna (V) Half moon shaped ravioli pasta, stuffed with asparagus, wild mushroom and black truffle. Served with a light mushroom and white wine sauce, garlic focaccia and rucola salad £9.50


Ensalada de Atun Fresh grilled tuna steak served with our mixed salad and tomato salad dressing £6.95

Ensalada de Pollo Sliced chargrilled chicken breast served with mixed salad and creamy Parmesan dressing £6.75

Ensalada de Gaucho Sliced chargrilled 6oz rump steak served with mixed salad and dijonnaisse dressing £7.95


Churrasco A La Rusa Chargrilled 16oz sirloin steak served with a creamy stroganoff sauce (chestnut mushroom, onion, paprika, brandy and cream) £26.95

Lomo ‘Maradona’ 10oz Fillet Steak with asparagus wrapped in serrano ham, king prawns and bearnaise sauce £26.95

Lomo ‘Messi’ 10oz fillet steak topped with Serrano ham, Mushroom and Sundried tomato sauce £26.95

Lomo Noruega (NORSK BIFF): 10oz Fillet Steak, dijon mustard, sauteed onions and provolone cheese £25.95

Lomo A La Napolitana 10oz Fillet Steak topped with a tomato ragout and mozzarella £24.95

Lomo Gitana 10oz Fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon, tomato and topped with peppercorn sauce £25.95

Entrecote Gaucho Seasoned 16oz Ribeye Steak served with sauteed onions, peppers and red wine jus £25.95

Bife Al Queso Grilled 12oz Top Rump Steak topped with caramelised onions and Stilton £19.95

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All served with a mixed dressed salad and a choice of potatoes: chips, mashed or jacket. Please ask server for availability.

Asado A mixed platter of 12oz Rump Steak, 8oz Skirt Steak, Chorizos, Beef Sausages, Beef short Ribs, Black pudding (Morcilla) (Serves 2 people) £47.95

Chuleton 32oz Porterhouse Steak chargrilled served with our famous Chimichurri Sauce £34.95

Mar y Tierra Big Surf’n’Turf, 24oz Sirloin Steak Chargrilled served with King Prawns, Breaded Lobster pieces and Tartare sauce £33.95


(All served with a mixed dressed salad and a choice of potatoes: chips, mashed or jacket)

Entrana Chargrilled Skirt Steak 8oz £10.95, 16oz £17.95, 24oz £23.95

Ojo De Bife Chargrilled Ribeye Steak 8oz £14.95, 16oz £23.95, 24oz £28.95

Bife De Chorizo Chargrilled Sirloin Steak 8oz £16.95, 16oz £25.95, 24oz £29.95

Bife De Costilla Chargrilled 20oz T-Bone Steak £27.95

Picanha Chargrilled 12oz Top Rump Steak £17.95

Medallon De Lomo Chargrilled 10oz Fillet Steak £24.95

Asado De Tiras A La Parrilla Traditional Argentinian Braised Beef Short Ribs marinated and grilled £17.95

Hamburguesa Gaucha Homemade steak burger with bacon, cheese, ketchup, mayo and salad, served in a brioche bun £10.95

Pollo Campero Chargrilled 12oz Chicken Breast marinated with our own chimichurri sauce £12.95

Cordero A La Parrilla Chargrilled rump of Lamb, marinated in garlic, onion and mint £17.95

Cerdo A La Parrilla Chargrilled Pork Loin Steak served with homemade apple chutney £12.95

Costillas de Cerdo Delicious braised Pork Loin Ribs in our homemade barbeque sauce £14.95

Parillada Mixed grill from our Parilla consisting of (Skirt Steak, Chorizo, Pork Ribs,Chicken, Morcilla and Beef Ribs) Serves 1 person £25.95

Chuletilla De Bife Prime 14oz ribeye steak on the bone (Cote De Boeuf), chargrilled to your own liking £21.95

Salsas / Sauces

Red Wine, Creamy Peppercorn, Bearnaise, Mushroom or Blue Cheese
All Homemade, a perfect accompaniment to your Steak £2.95


Papas Fritas Chips £2.70

Pure De Papas Homemade Mashed Potato £2.70

Papa Folio Baked Potato in foil parcel and Butter £2.70

Cebolla Frita Sauted Onions £2.50

Champinon Salteado Sauted Mushrooms £3.25

Choclo Fresh Corn on the cob and butter £2.75

Pan de Ajo Focaccia Garlic Bread £2.95

Pan de Ajo Al Queso Focaccia Garlic Bread and Melted Mozzarella £3.50

Seleccion De Pan Selection of Breads served with Balsamic and Oil dippings £2.95

Olivas Our House Marinated Olives £2.95

Ensalada Capri (V) Salad Tomato, Mozzarella and homemade basil pesto dressing £4.95

Sweet Potato Fries £3.25

Selection of Vegetables £2.70

Tender Stem Broccoli £3.00

Asparagus £2.50


Brownie Al Caramelo Double chocolate brownie with toffee caramel and a flapjack base. Served warm with Italian Vanilla Ice Cream £5.50

Tarta De Chocolate Doble Rich warm chocolate fudge cake served with Italian Vanilla Ice Cream £5.50

Pudin De Coco Our Homemade Coconut and Toffee creme caramel served with Italian Vanilla Ice Cream £5.50

Crepes AI Dulce de Leche Crepes with Toffee Milk spread served with Italian Vanilla Ice Cream £4.50

Tarta De Queso Brulee: Vanilla and Ricotta Cheesecake with a rich Creme Brulee Topping, served with fresh pouring cream £6.25

Pudin De Brioche: Homemade Brioche, Caramelised Banana and Chocolate Pudding. Served warm with Italian Vanilla Ice Cream £5.50

Helado Italiano Italian Vanilla or Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream served with a choice of sauce and wafers £4.25